OUR Story

We launched Revol to make delicious non-sugar, low-carb snack options accessible to people like us. We strongly believe in the future of Keto/Low-Carb and we’re on a mission to serve the growing community who are adopting this lifestyle.

The goal of Revol Snax is to help shape the future of eating.  After removing sugar and processed carbohydrates from our diet, we realized significant physical and mental health benefits can be achieved by eating this way. We started our company after growing frustrated by the lack of non-sugar, low-carb snack options available in grocery stores. We wanted a snack that emphasized clean ingredients and healthy fats without the sugar and carbs found in most snack foods. After making our own snacks in our kitchen and realizing they could solve a common pain point for other people like us, Revol Snax was born. We're excited to fulfill an unmet need in the snack category and we're proud to serve you.