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Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar w/ Almonds (Beta Version)

Product image 1Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar w/ Almonds (Beta Version)
Product image 2Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar w/ Almonds (Beta Version)
Product image 3Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar w/ Almonds (Beta Version)
Product image 4Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar w/ Almonds (Beta Version)
Product image 5Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar w/ Almonds (Beta Version)
Product image 6Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar w/ Almonds (Beta Version)
Product image 7Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar w/ Almonds (Beta Version)

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Dark Chocolate Brownie Bar w/ Almonds (Beta Version - 50% OFF)

16 Bars Per Case (1.8oz Each Bar)

Our new bars are a complete snack that will leave you feeling satisfied. Enjoy the decadent texture of a moist brownie and the nutrition of a REAL healthy snack: Low-Carb. Plant-Based. 10g Protein. 

NOTE: These bars will be shipped in packaging with a design of our bites (yea, this really is a beta version :)  read more about the story of these bars below 👇) 
The story is even more cool: 

In early 2021 we were implementing a new production process to make our Bites with a gooier texture and more filling. Great, right? Not so fast, the process was creating more food waste, for example when Bites would come out only partially formed or we had to reset the machine and remove the mix. Normally, this would be thrown out as waste and written off as "production costs".

But we had a better idea: Preserve the perfectly edible, delicious base, add some extra protein, nut butter, and crunchy almonds, and voila! ... After pressing them to just the right thickness, we made mouth-watering bars to sink your teeth into. It's a much better use than letting these ingredients go to waste 👏

It took a few iterations but we're super impressed with the quality of these bars and want to share them with you before our official launch.

The Deets on these Goods:

These bars aren't comparable to others on the market... they don't have a gummy texture (no fiber syrups!) or the chalky feeling of a protein bar. They also don't have any weird aftertaste (no stevia!).

They're most comparable to a moist, gooey brownie with a rich chocolate flavor -- with the crunchy almonds up top! 

All our products are made with REAL ingredients, 100% plant-based, keto, and ALWAYS delicious. These bars have an added 10g protein per bar using organic hemp protein. 

Plus, since this is still a bit of an experiment, they're on sale now with Beta Version pricing (Over 50% OFF)! That's just $1.68 per bar, which is a REALLY good deal. 

These also come with our happiness guarantee-- if you're not 100% satisfied just send them back and we'll refund your order. 

NOTE: These bars will ship in packaging with a design of our bites on it (yea, this really is the beta version). See ingredients and nutrition info below 👇


Dark Chocolate Almond Brownie Bar

Net Carbs: 16g total - 6g fiber – 8g Allulose = 2g Net Carbs per bar

Ingredients: Coconut*, Almonds, Hemp Protein*, Non-GMO Allulose, Cacao*, Coconut Oil*, Hazelnuts, Cocoa Powder*, Sea Salt, Monk Fruit Extract


10g Plant-based Protein (from organic hemp)



✔️ UNCOMPROMISINGLY DELICIOUS ❤️: We care about flavor as much as ingredients. Healthy snacks shouldn’t sacrifice taste. Our products are decadent -- a must try for anyone who cares about delicious taste!

✔️ REAL INGREDIENTS 💯: Our snacks are minimally processed and made with mostly organic ingredients. No vegetable oils, dairy, or anything artificial. Feel good about our wholesome ingredients without sugar!  

✔️ WON’T SPIKE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR 👋: We use ingredients that are truly low carb & keto-friendly*. We knocked out common sneaky carbs found in “low carb” packaged products:

- No Processed Fiber Syrups like Tapioca, IMO, or Corn Fiber - No Grains, Starches, or Fillers - No Sugar like Dates, Honey, or Maple Syrup 

Say, “Adios!” to sugar crashes, appetite swings, and feeling hangry!  *We verify our net carb counts with glucose testing to make sure they’re trustworthy. 

✔️ HIGH QUALITY FATS 🥥: Healthy fats are optimal metabolic fuel and provide stable energy. Our snacks have monounsaturated fats from nuts and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut, which are not only delicious and satiating, but good for you too! 

✔️ 100% PLANT-BASED 🌱: We prioritize sustainability by using only plant-based ingredients to minimize our carbon footprint. Our snacks are made for sustainable living and plant-based lifestyles! 

✔️  BE PART OF THE REVOLUTION 💫Together we’ll conquer healthy snacking without sugar and carbs, once and for all!

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