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Sharing Our Resolutions for 2021

Welcome to 2021! For those who are new to our community, we’re Dave and Nadine the co-founders of Revol Snax.

We’re excited to share our New Year’s Resolutions with you! After reflecting on lesson’s learned from 2020, these are our top priorities for 2021.

Consider this food for thought for what’s in store for us (and our customers!) in the next year.

Co-founders Dave (left) and Nadine (right)

Our Resolutions: 2021

More Unique Products, Freakishly Delicious Flavors

  • This year we’ll create more magical combinations of deliciously sweet snacks without sugar or carbs.

    We’ll develop new flavors for the both the Bites and Nut Butters. Plus a new product (something tart and fruity)!
  • We’ll make our Bites even better this year. Our new production process will double the amount of creamy nut butter filling inside each Bite.

    Revol 2.0 Bites will launch in early 2021!

Push to Be More Eco-Friendly, Minimize our Carbon Footprint 🌎

  • We’ll implement sustainable packaging across our Bites and create more demand for recycling in the US.

    This means figuring out the truth about which materials are actually eco-friendly.

    More on this later.. Hint: compostable plastic ain’t all it’s cracked up to be 👀
  • We’ll invest in carbon offsets and reforestation to minimize our climate impact this year.
  • We’ll continue to consolidate our supply chain and optimize our ingredients to reduce shipping emissions.

Expand Access, Create More Employment Opportunities

  • Our top priority as leaders is to create an environment where people enjoy coming to work.

    We’ll work to create more employment opportunities for diverse, talented people as we grow. We also proudly support living wages across our entire team.
  • We’re still in the early stages of removing sugar and processed carbs from the packaged food chain.

    We’ll work to expand our distribution into more grocery stores this year and promote a healthier lifestyle to a greater portion of consumers.

It’s just the beginning, but we want to thank you for your support, feedback, and ideas in 2020. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish together in 2021 and beyond.

With Gratitude,

Dave and Nadine, Co-Founders

Just for Fun: Dave and Nadine’s Personal Resolutions

Dave: “My resolution is to wake up (and get up!) earlier and make coffee before Nadine heads out the door.”

Nadine: “I’m manifesting my new year resolution to hit the gym at least 3x per week — my goal is 4x per week!”

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