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About Us

Our Mission:

We launched Revol Snax to make true keto-friendly snacks you can be excited about eating! We believe this is the future of food and we’re proud to serve the growing community adopting this lifestyle. We emphasize clean, high-quality ingredients to help people sustain a low-carb lifestyle without sacrificing delicious taste. We think of this as a revolution in snacks! #revolsnax

Meet the Co-Founders: Dave and Nadine

About Us

Revol Snax launch day (March 2018)

Our story began after meeting each other in Washington, D.C. in 2014. We discovered we shared an interest in our love for food and nutrition. We started exploring healthier lifestyles to maintain high energy levels, enhance cognitive function, and promote longevity. Eventually we landed on a ketogenic lifestyle and realized we felt our best when we ate this way. We began experimenting in our kitchen, although we didn't know much about cooking at the time. We wanted to keep it simple with clean ingredients. We began making delicious snacks for ourselves and realized the need for high-quality keto options.. soon after Revol Snax was born!

Our Bios:

David Birsen

Dave is a biomedical engineer (M.S.) and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2014. He grew up near Toledo, Ohio and was an avid athlete (football) through high school and college. Dave worked full-time as a biomedical engineer at the FDA from 2014-2019. He eventually stepped away to pursue Revol Snax as a full-time passion and entrepreneurial journey!

Nadine Calderon

Nadine grew up in Colombia (South America) where she was a competitive cheerleader and developed a passion for entrepreneurship from an early age (she opened a hair salon in her school playground at age 6!!). She graduated with a degree in industrial engineering and moved to the US (Washington, DC) in 2014. She became a certified Yoga instructor and began teaching in 2018. She also does freelance graphic design with other members of the Revol team!

Our Why:

  1. We LOVE food.
  2. The modern food industry isn't set up to optimize your health or happiness. Our society is in a struggle against abundance.  This has led to epidemics in preventable diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. If you simply follow what society "tells you to do" you'll end up sick and unhealthy.
We believe what you eat mediates your relationship with food including the quantity you consume, in addition to many health factors. Living a lifestyle that allows you to effectively metabolize fat in between meals is a tremendous start towards optimal health. This and the "second-order" benefits of keto (e.g., cognitive improvements, anti-inflammation, better energy, etc.), are the fuel that feeds our passion!
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