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About Us

Hi! We're Dave and Nadine, the Co-Founders of Revol Snax.

We currently live in Washington, D.C., where we met as tag-alongs on a double date in 2014. We began dating and soon discovered we shared an interest in nutrition. We started exploring with healthier ways of eating to feel better at work, improve cognitive performance, and promote longevity. Eventually we stumbled upon keto and began experimenting with recipes that fit our lifestyle. We didn't know much about cooking and wanted to keep it simple yet nutritious. We realized the lack of quality options available online and at grocery stores.. and soon after Revol Snax was born!

Founders of Revol Snax

Our Bio:

Dave is a biomedical engineer (M.S.) and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2014. He grew up near Toledo, Ohio and was an avid athlete throughout college. Dave worked as a biomedical engineer at the FDA from 2014-2019, until he stepped away to pursue Revol Snax as a full-time passion.

Nadine grew up in Colombia (South America) where she was a competitive dancer and developed a passion for entrepreneurship from an early age (she opened a hair salon in her school playground at age 6!!). She graduated with a degree in industrial engineering and moved to the US (Washington, DC) in 2014. She became a certified Yoga instructor and began teaching in 2018.

Our Mission:

We launched Revol to make delicious, convenient keto-friendly snacks you can actually be excited about. This is the future of food and we’re proud to serve the growing community adopting this lifestyle!


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