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ūüĆĪ Our Sustainability Commitment

"We are living in the most consequential moment in history. We have less than 10 years to reduce global carbon emissions by at least 50% and less than 30 years to achieve net-zero emissions to open up a window of opportunity for a livable future"

We Must Minimize our Carbon Footprint: 

WE HAVE ONE EARTH. Carbon emissions due to human activity have likened our planet to an overinflated balloon that will soon burst. It's the most important issue facing our generation right now.

Oceans are warming, coral reefs are bleaching, forests are burning, ice caps are melting, and yet CO2 levels in the atmosphere continue to rise. There's simply no time to waste. 

Our Climate Principles: First Reduce, Then Offset 

We must first reduce emissions as much as possible. This is always our highest priority. Second, we offset emissions with effective carbon removal and storage projects. 

Our strategy to reduce and offset carbon emissions: 

    • INGREDIENTS:¬†We source 100% plant-based ingredients¬†and prioritize sustainable growers¬†to keep our carbon¬†footprint as small as possible.
    • PACKAGING:¬†We use eco-friendly packaging with the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.¬†
    • PRODUCTION: We operate¬†in a shared manufacturing¬†facility¬†to¬†spread out the footprint of our facility across multiple food companies.
    • CARBON OFFSETS: We carefully monitor the carbon footprint of our products and purchase¬†verified¬†carbon credits¬†to offset¬†emissions¬†through both nature-based and technological carbon removal solutions.¬† ¬†



We source 100% plant-based, sustainably grown ingredients fin all our products to help minimize our carbon emissions. Plant-based foods have a lower carbon footprint than animal-based ingredients:

However, not all plants are created equal. We're committed to only sourcing sustainably grown ingredients, which means no mono-crops like soy, wheat, or corn and no pesticides or toxic fertilizers. We prioritize growers who place sustainability at their forefront, for example with eco-friendly farmed hazelnuts, cashews, organic hemp protein, and organic coconut. 


    Eco-Friendly Packaging

    We use eco-friendly packaging in all our products to have the lowest carbon footprint possible. This includes a 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic film material for our Bites and glass jars for our Nut Butters. 

    Single-use packaging is one of the most challenging areas for food companies to minimize their carbon footprint. We've worked with experts to ensure our packaging solutions have the lowest carbon emissions in the industry. 

    Although compostable plastics are commonly found in consumer packaging, there is mounting evidence that suggests these materials do more harm than good. Most compostable plastic ends up in a landfill where it produces methane, a gas that traps up to 80x more heat in the atmosphere than CO2.

    By using PCR materials, we're able to leverage the materials already available in waste streams while generating demand for recycled content. In addition, our glass jars can be re-used at home for food storage or up-cycled by easily removing the label. 


    Carbon Offsets

    All of our products undergo a carbon LCA (lifecycle analysis) to quantify the carbon emissions that are produced, all the way from raw materials to final delivery. We then quantify the carbon emissions per product and offset what we sell (carbon labels on product packaging coming soon). 

    The carbon offsets are directed towards carbon removal projects that are relevant to our emission sources. For example, we prioritize soil sequestration for ingredient-based emissions, where as technological projects with long-term carbon storage are prioritized for transportation-related emissions.

    Our customers are also able contribute to our carbon offset program. We've partnered with CarbonClick to make it easy to add a carbon offset to your cart during checkout on our website.   

          Other Sustainability Priorities

          Sustainability goes beyond carbon emissions. One of our core values is that all employees should earn a living wage. Our employees are our most valuable asset and they deserve to be compensated fairly. 

          We are a woman- and minority-owned business and this is reflected in our employees too. We are proud to have a diverse, multi-cultural team who help create an environment that makes us excited to come to work!

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