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Allulose: Our Innovative Sweetener

What is Allulose? 

Allulose is an innovative, natural non-sugar sweetener that gives our snacks a clean, sweet flavor profile unlike any low carb snack you've tried before. 

It's similar to erythritol, only better. It has no cooling effect or weird aftertaste. It has a similar mouthfeel to raw cane sugar, but without any of the calories of glycemic effects. It also binds favorably with water, giving our products a soft gooey texture that's unheard of in low carb snacks. Allulose is found naturally in fruits such as jackfruit, figs, and raisins, although the concentrations are not high enough to sustainably harvest allulose directly from these sources.

We source our allulose from one of the only non-gmo suppliers in the world, who harvests raw sugar cane and then converts it into a non-digestible "rare sugar" (aka Allulose), which has no glycemic impact. 

How is Allulose processed in the body?

Here's where things get really cool: over 90% of allulose passes through the body undigested in the urinary tract. In other words, we excrete it without absorbing. The molecular structure of allulose is unique in that it prevents the monosaccharides (otherwise know as carbs) from being broken down or metabolized. This is why allulose is virtually calorie-less. 

Why is Allulose important for a Healthy Diet? 

We know it's best to avoid foods that cause blood sugar and insulin spikes. These swings in glucose/insulin cause metabolic havoc and leave us feeling "hangry". It's best to avoid processed carbs and sugar for these reasons.

This is why allulose is so valuable. It provides the delicious sweet flavors like sugar, but without any of the harm.

In order to know whether a food will cause a spike in your blood sugar, it's important to understand net carbs. Net Carbs are a way to quantify the real glycemic impact (i.e., blood sugar fluctuations) for a given food. 

Essentially, in calculating net carbs we use the following simple equation:



Now, it's important to know that net carb claims can be misleading if the carbs being subtracted are poor quality or highly processed. The quality of both the fibers and non-sugar sweeteners is important in deciding whether "net carbs" is a valid approach for any product.

For example, if a product claims to have low net carbs, but the ingredients contain fiber syrups like IMO, tapioca, or corn fiber, it's likely this could be a misleading estimate of net carbs. These types of "fibers" are digested more like slow carbohydrates, and still contribute to glucose levels.

In addition, there are non-sugar sweeteners we have to look out for. Maltitol, for example, is NO BUENO.

Good sources of fiber, where it's appropriate to subtract them in net carbs come from whole foods like nuts and other plant-based ingredients. The key if you're subtracting fiber is that it comes from minimally processed ingredients, as whole food fibers don't contribute to blood glucose.

As mentioned above, high quality non-sugar sweeteners like non-gmo allulose and erythritol have been rigorously tested to not be metabolized as carbs. Therefore, it's appropriate to subtract these from total carbs.

Allulose has even been shown to lower blood glucose levels -- not much like a carb at all! That's why we prioritize using extremely high quality ingredients. When we make claims regarding net carbs, it's something we stand behind as reliable.

So go ahead and enjoy the delicious flavors we've crafted with allulose! 

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